Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

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Chic and stylish way to enjoy Aromatherapy on the Go!

Lava Stones are porous and they readily absorb your favorite essential oil.  Apply a few drops to the Lava Stone and you are ready to experience health of body, mind and soul.  Typically the scent will last a few days. The stone hangs from a sparkly chain along with a snazzy Gemstone of your choice!

Amethyst middle photo

Kiwi Jasper right photo, round stone

Other gemstone not available

Product Details

Lava Stone - 10mm

Gemstone - 8 to 10mm

Rhodium plated cable chain - 18"

(Rhodium plating is non-corrosive, so it wont tarnish or rust, and is not affected by sweat and body acids. Plating of Rhodium on the outside for a platinum-like shine)

Sterling Silver spring ring clasp


Beautifully packaged