Welcome to our Jewelry Shop! All items are designed & handmade in my home studio! Please contact me with any questions or customizations! Thank You!

Jewelry Care Instructions


The following steps are best practices to care for your AdoreJules Designs jewelry.

Do not swim, sweat, shower, sleep, spray perfume or hair products with your jewelry on.  Always store your jewelry in a plastic bag.  This will lessen exposure to air which can/will tarnish certain metals. Shine with 100% cotton or jewelry cloth.

Polishing pads work to polish your sterling silver, bronze or brass pieces up to a high glossy shine. You also can allow them to darken and age.


The metal components used in AdoreJules Designs are either sterling silver,
pewter, 14k gold-filled, or brass. Some materials are carefully oxidized for an authentic antique finish. 

All chain that is not 14k gold-filled or sterling silver is made from
 Stainless Steel, Gold Stainless Steel (non tarnish) The product description will state the metal used.

14k Gold-filled jewelry is an affordable alternative to real gold.  It is a lifetime gold product that, unlike plating, will never flake, peel or rub off.  It looks, wears and feels exactly like solid gold.

However, those with sensitive skin reactions to certain metals may experience some discoloration to their skin, but the metal will remain tarnish resistant like solid gold.

​Semi-precious stones are hand selected for their unique qualities and features.

Jewelry is lead-free and nickel free 


AdoreJules is made by hand; therefore, each piece will vary slightly from the product picture. 

If you have any other questions, e-mail adorejules@gmail.com and I'll be happy to help